Choose your own adventure stories for young readers

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For Parents: Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make Picklets?

I created these picklets a few years ago when my daughter was first learning to read. She initally showed no interest in books and I thought she might like interactive stories instead. She now is obsessed with reading, and while this probably had little to do with it, I am secretly taking all the credit.

Why are you sharing these?

I originally made these for our kids and their friends. I decided to make them available to everyone as hopefully it will give kids some fun and parents a breather as we all stay at home during these crazy times. I apologize in advance about the poor artwork.

Are you making money from this?

Nope! These are free. At one point I thought about making an app with dozens of these but I had writers block after the first few.

Can I share this with others?

Yes, you have permission to share and forward this website to others for non-commercial purposes only.

I am interested in helping make more Picklets. How can I help?

If you are an artist who can help with the artwork or an author/aspiring author who wants to help create more picklets, feel free to contact me at picklets@cvgraham.com

Who are you?

I am Charlie Graham, a serial entrepreneur and bay area resident lucky to have an amazing wife and two amazing kids (currently age 7 and 8).